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1001 Night - the Blue Mosque

Oriental beauty in the middle of Hamburg

The Blue Mosque, a magnificent building, has been on the Aussenalster in the street "Schöne Aussicht" since the 1960s. It features high minarets, a blue dome roof and attractive architecture. The foundation stone was laid at the beginning of 1960 and was completed after a construction period of five years. The two magnificent minarets stand out from afar. The closer you get you can see the blue, translucent dome roof and the blue façade with tile mosaics and Arabic characters. The blue color is also found inside, giving the prayer room, which has space for 1500 people, a very special atmosphere. Here is an extraordinary 200 m² carpet that is also kept in shades of blue. 22 people tied it for about three years; the carpet is still the largest circular carpet in the world.

The Blue Mosque is part of the Islamic Center of Hamburg, which is an important institution for Shiite Muslims. The Islamic community meets here regularly. But the mosque has also become an attraction for visitors to the Hanseatic City of Hamburg, as it forms an interesting contrast to the more famous sights.

The Blue Mosque has been a listed building since 2013. Visitors can take a tour of the mosque's rooms and learn interesting facts about the buildings and the community. If you are interested, please contact the Islamic Center directly.

Our tips around the Blue Mosque

If you would like to visit the blue mosque, get off at stop no. 5 (Schöne Aussicht (Moschee)). The Blue Mosque is situated about 300 m north of the stop.

Contact to arrange a viewing appointment: Islamic Center Hamburg