UNESCO World Heritage Site - The Speicherstadt


The centre of classical Hamburg trade


The Speicherstadt is located between the Zollkanal and the Sandtorhafen. It was built between 1883 and 1927. The citizens decided to build a warehouse complex in this area. This decision was made because this area was duty free at that time and thus the so-called free port was created there. This was dissolved in 2013. Interesting insights can be gained from the water with a harbour tour, on which the ship sails through Kehrwiederfleet, for example.

There are many other attractions in the Speicherstadt, e.g. the Hamburg Dungeon, where spooky events of Hamburg's history are presented in a ghost train ride. In addition, there is the Miniature Wonderland with the world's largest miniature railway system. There is a spice museum and many other interesting places.

In 2015 the Speicherstadt as well as the Kontorhausviertel with the Chilehaus became a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Address: Speicherstadt Hamburg, between Baumwall and Überseequartier, 20457 Hamburg-Altstadt

Our tips around the Speicherstadt (Store city)

Get off at stop no. 13(Auf dem Sande) to explore the Speicherstadt.

The Hamburg Dungeon is located directly at the stop


as well as the famous miniature wonderland, a huge model railway


Internet (Speicherstadtmuseum): https://speicherstadtmuseum.de/